Gemini Daily Horoscope September 24, 2023

Gemini Daily Horoscope

Today, dear Gemini, a continued connection between Venus and Chiron asks you to accept healing and friendship. You might want to connect with people who are like you, try meditation, or go to a yoga class. But you’ll want to stay close to home as the afternoon comes and the Capricorn moon connects with Mercury.

This will give you a chance to let go of feelings and be cared for in the safety of your own space. When Jupiter moves later today, you might have some good moments. It’s important to write down any moments that happen in your head. Tonight, a T-shaped cloud will be in the sky. This cloud could cause ego clashes and power battles.

Gemini Zodiac Sign: Date, Personality Traits and Astrology

Gemini is an air sign and is born between May 21 and June 20. They are curious, adaptable, and quick-witted, and are ruled by Mercury, making them intellectual and versatile. They have the symbol of the Twins, which means they have dualistic qualities and are skilled communicators. Geminis are social and enjoy meeting new people and having new experiences. Read more about the Gemini zodiac sign and Join our Facebook group Today Horoscope to get your daily lucky star guide.