Gemini to Sagittarius: These zodiac signs always ask their friends for help but never give anything back

The best thing about friendship is that you can make a bond as strong as the one you have with your family. These strangers, who are your soul sisters and kindred spirits, are like guardian angels who are always there for you, whether you are sad or happy.

But there are some friends who always show up when they need help, but you shouldn’t count on them if you ever need help. From Gemini to Sagittarius, these Zodiac signs are always asking their friends for help but never giving anything back.

People who are ruled by the zodiac sign Gemini are known to be friendly and quick to start talking. But along with their friendliness comes a heart that lies. They can’t decide where their loyalty lies.

Which has cost them more friends and relationships than they should have. They are great at getting favours from coworkers, classmates, and even friends, but they aren’t always there for their friends when they need them.

Their instinct to protect themselves is one of their most common traits. Even though they love their families and friends very much, they like themselves a lot more.

So they don’t think twice about asking friends for money, food, or other things like that. But they don’t always show the same kindness to people who have helped them in the past.

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