Aries Astrology Predictions February 21

Aries Daily Horoscope

Dear Aries, this morning the Cancer moon squares off with the Nodes of Fate, making you more sensitive and moody. When you wake up, take a moment to notice how you’re feeling. Try to start the day with thanks and kindness for yourself. Luckily, when Luna blows a kiss to Jupiter, the energy rises, bringing a kind and happy energy to everyone.

Take advantage of these vibes by praising the people you know and the beauty around you. You might also want to help those who need it more. You’ll feel like you’re in a nice dream when Neptune wakes up later tonight. This will set you up for sensitive thoughts.

Taurus Astrology Predictions February 21

Taurus Daily Horoscope

Dear Taurus, this morning the Cancer moon squares off with the Nodes of Fate, which could make you feel stuck between two worlds. Deep thoughts may come up that make it hard to concentrate on tasks. When Luna blows a kiss to Jupiter, take a step back and look at the bigger picture. This will give you an intellectual edge when you’re looking to grow.

This energy could also lead to important talks that can help you reach your personal and social goals. Tonight is a dreamy night because Neptune is moving around. This could help you build a community or following, so make sure you post something meaningful.

Gemini Astrology Predictions February 21

Gemini Daily Horoscope

When the Cancer moon faces off with the Nodes of Fate this morning, dear Gemini, you may get the feeling that everyone else is only looking out for themselves. You can help and protect yourself while Jupiter is moving around, especially if you pay attention to your feelings and allow yourself to indulge a little.

Let yourself move at a pace that helps you feel grounded and frees you from stress and hurry. When Luna blows a kiss to Neptune tonight, you’ll feel motivated, and it will help you find your way to success and wealth.

Cancer Astrology Predictions February 21

Cancer Daily Horoscope

As Luna faces off with the Nodes of Fate, Cancer, you may have to deal with limits you put on yourself. When you look at your relationship with success, be honest with yourself and deal with any actions that have made you pull back out of fear or mental reservations. Jupiter is there to help, and getting involved in your neighbourhood or making connections with other people in your field can help you feel confident again.

As the hours go by, you become more well-known, and making new connections could lead to exciting new friends. As the day ends, do some spiritual work while Neptune is still active.

Leo Astrology Predictions February 21

Leo Daily Horoscope

Dear Leo, your intuition is strong right now because the moon is in Cancer and it is aligned with the Nodes of Fate. However, you might want to keep your dreams to yourself for now. You can use this energy to focus on breaking loops that have slowed your growth in the past. This will help you reach enlightenment by looking back at your past from a logical point of view.

You will have breakthroughs in your mind when Luna blows a kiss to Jupiter, and you might also get work chances. As Neptune moves around, use the night to relax, find release, and take care of yourself, either by yourself or with your best friend.

Virgo Astrology Predictions February 21

Virgo Daily Horoscope

This morning, dear Virgo, the moon in Cancer lines up with the Nodes of Fate. This makes you very impatient with power battles and character flaws. Lucky for us, a nice interaction between Luna and Jupiter helps to lift these moods, showing us ways to get rid of negative energy and focus more on positive relationships with like-minded people.

This cosmic atmosphere also makes you more intuitive, so trust your gut when you’re talking to other people. Later tonight, when Neptune moves, good vibes flow. The focus shifts to keeping personal balance and romance, letting love in, and building unity.

Libra Astrology Predictions February 21

Libra Daily Horoscope

As the Cancer moon faces off with the Nodes of Fate this morning, dear Libra, it will be hard to keep your relationships and personal lines in balance. Remember to respect your need for room or understanding, and be patient with other people. When Luna and Jupiter line up, the energy rises, making it easier to be close to someone.

Take advantage of these natural conditions by balancing yourself out before talking to people you care about. When Neptune rises later tonight, your attention will shift to health and treating your body. This is a great time to eat a healthy meal and go to bed early.

Scorpio Astrology Predictions February 21

Scorpio Daily Horoscope

Today, dear Scorpio, you might not be sure which way to go because the Cancer moon is square to the Nodes of Fate, which can make you feel uneasy. Ground yourself and connect with your faith. This will take the pressure off of you to make quick choices and give you time and space to think them through carefully.

When Luna and Jupiter talk kindly to each other, you feel good and can connect with people you care about in satisfying ways. This energy also makes your love life better, especially when you share your hopes and dreams. As the night ends, do something artistic while Visionary Neptune moves around.

Sagittarius Astrology Predictions February 21

Sagittarius Daily Horoscope

Dear Archer, as the Cancer moon faces off with the Nodes of Fate, you should know your audience and watch out for people with big heads. Focus on your to-do lists for the day when Luna kisses Jupiter to stay grounded. Work will give you strength, and staying busy will keep you busy. As the hours go by, you’ll feel changes inside you, and the stars are telling you to accept change.

Get rid of any stress or worry you don’t need to carry with this energy. This will help you feel better. When Neptune wakes up later tonight, your home will have a strange and comforting vibe.

Capricorn Astrology Predictions February 21

Capricorn Daily Horoscope

As the Cancer moon faces off with the Nodes of Fate this morning, dear Capricorn, your emotional ties may take your attention away. Even if you want to shut down, think about how that might affect the people you care about. Jupiter steps in to help break the ice, and it will be easier to see the bright side of things if you let imagination, fun, and friendship in.

Let your softer side show when Neptune moves in later tonight. It will bring a dreamy and loving energy to the table. Balance is the most important thing in this cosmic climate, so stay away from anyone or anything that could upset these peaceful vibes.

Aquarius Astrology Predictions February 21

Aquarius Daily Horoscope

Dear Aquarius, be careful not to get sidetracked when the Cancer moon squares off with the Nodes of Fate. This could pull you in more than one way. Jupiter can help you get back in charge of your schedule by encouraging you to focus on your health while you organise your tasks and plans. As the hours go by, pay attention to your body and notice what or who makes you feel stressed.

At the same time, work to release physical strain before it can set in. Later tonight, when Luna and Neptune have a sweet exchange, you’ll want to be pampered. This is the best time to take a bath or do some deep stretching.

Pisces Astrology Predictions February 21

Pisces Daily Horoscope

Pisces, be careful with your money when the moon in Cancer lines up with the Nodes of Fate. Resist the urge to spend too much. Instead, when Luna blows a kiss to Jupiter, which promotes growth through conversation, work together and share your thoughts. These natural events also boost your confidence, making it easier to believe in yourself and motivate other people.

You feel playful in the evenings, which is a great reason to break out of your normal pattern and do something fun or something you’re really interested in. When Neptune moves later tonight, it will make your instincts and spiritual knowing stronger, so take some time to picture your perfect future.