Aquarius Daily Horoscope October 25, 2023

As the moon moves into Pisces, dear Aquarius, and makes sweet connections with Saturn and the sun in Scorpio, let your feelings and thoughts settle down. This cosmic mood is great for knowing your limits without giving up, for appreciating where you are while thinking about other options.

When Mercury turns on this morning, you might hear about a job or money-making chance. It’s important that you’re ready to step up to the plate. Mars comes in to give you drive and endurance, which helps you finish the workday on a strong note. When Jupiter turns on later tonight, do something cozy at home.

Aquarius Zodiac Sign: Date, Personality Traits and Astrology

The Water Bearer is the sign for Aquarius, which is the eleventh sign of the zodiac. Aquarius people are those born between January 20 and February 18. People born under the sign of Aquarius are known for thinking in unusual ways. A lot of people think of them as progressive, open-minded, and deeply interested in social and moral issues. They really want to be free and on their own because Uranus rules them. Because they are smart and creative, they are great at solving problems and coming up with new ideas, often before their time.