Scorpio Daily Horoscope October 25, 2023

The moon moves into Pisces, which is your sign and your house of self-expression. This makes you feel friendly and open to others. Let your ego have some fun today when Luna lines up with the sun, Saturn, and Mercury. You’ll want to wear something dramatic and have a lot to talk about.

When Mars turns on later today, it could bring you extra attention and maybe even a new love interest. Tonight, the moon and Jupiter will line up in a way that makes you feel loved and supported, both inside and outside of important relationships.

Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Date, Personality Traits and Astrology

The Scorpion is the sign for the eighth house of the zodiac. This Water sign is made up of people born between October 23 and November 21. Scorpios are known for being very fierce and aggressive. They are often linked to wonder, depth, and a strong desire to change and start over. They are strong and determined, and are ruled by Pluto and Mars. This makes them very loyal and protective of the people they care about. Also, Scorpios are very intuitive and perceptive, which makes them even more mysterious and complicated.