Leo Daily Horoscope September 24, 2023

Leo Daily Horoscope

Lean into your faith to find healing today, dear Leo, as Venus and Chiron continue their sweet exchange in the sky. Check your earnings in the afternoon, when the Capricorn moon kisses Mercury, especially if you want to go shopping this weekend. When Jupiter comes into play later today,

you’ll have a chance to break through mental blocks and self-imposed limits, but you may have to work hard to do so. Tonight, a t-square cloud will form in the sky, which could cause small arguments to grow into something bigger.

Leo Zodiac Sign: Date, Personality Traits and Astrology

Leo is a fire sign and is born between July 23 and August 22. They are known for being charismatic, confident, and passionate. Ruled by the Sun, they radiate warmth and positivity. Leos have natural leadership qualities and a desire for recognition, symbolized by the Lion. They are often creative, bold, and love attention. Leos have a generous spirit and enjoy luxury experiences. Read more about the Leo zodiac sign and Join our Facebook group Today Horoscope to get your daily lucky star guide.